Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Club e-Luxe International Summit Evolves!

I’m pleased to inform you that the 2012 Club e-Luxe International Summit will be held on Wednesday 6th June 2012 at the Ritz Hotel Paris. The theme we’re focusing on is “E-Commerce, F-Commerce & M-Commerce” and related topics to be analyzed include Multi-media shopping, E-boutique & Luxemosphere, E-Customization & Co-Creation, Branded Content, Virtual Reality, Channel Integration, & more! Needless to say, both I and the Luxe Corp team are looking forward to this event with great enthusiasm!
This event particularly holds special meaning to me, for several reasons. First, it is the 9th Club e-Luxe event that I will be hosting on behalf of our company Luxe Corp in the last six years. It is unbelievable how these six years have flown by and I cannot help but reflect on the early days of Club e-Luxe when the majority of luxury brands literally “switched off” at the mention of the word “internet”. Today I marvel at how far both Club e-Luxe and the luxury industry have come in the digital arena, particularly in light of the cultural transformation that luxury has undergone due to digital media and innovation.

Secondly, this will be the last Club e-Luxe event to be held at the Ritz Hotel Paris for a while… You may be aware that this emblematic hotel which has defined Parisian elegance since 1898 will be closing its doors this summer for extensive renovations lasting close to 3 years. The Ritz Hotel Paris welcomed Club e-Luxe upon its creation six years ago and hosted us during our first event on 5th June 2007. Since this date, the Ritz Hotel has been more than a solid partner. The hotel has been our second home (and our office, if I may add) as well as a sure companion of our participants, clients and collaborators, taking care of our needs and wishes at every moment, in its tradition style of discretion and elegance. We will miss this glorious institution for a while but we’re reassured that as neighbours, we will keep a close eye on the door for the grand re-opening.

Finally, this is the year that Club e-Luxe will step forward into the international luxury arena. For six years, luxury houses and companies have come to us in Paris from the four corners of the earth. Regardless of whether they’re based in France, the U.K, Switzerland, Italy, USA, Canada, Japan, China, South Korea, Russia, Brazil or elsewhere, these forward-thinking luxury companies have relentlessly made trips to Paris to attend Club e-Luxe’s events, even as some of them quietly but insistently whispered their invitation to us to come to their cities. We have decided to listen to them and to take Club e-Luxe to them. So I delightedly inform you that in addition to the two annual Club e-Luxe events held every January and June in Paris, Club e-Luxe will also introduce events in two key international locations. Keep an eye on the Luxe Corp website for the official announcement.

In the meantime don’t forget to register for the Club e-Luxe International Summit on 6th June by clicking here and to download the teaser brochure by clicking here.

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