Thursday, June 27, 2013

Club e-Luxe Summit as Seen on Luxe.TV

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We're pleased to share the TV feature of the recently held Club e-Luxe International Summit as shown by the renowned luxury television channel Luxe.TV. This broadcast which was made in more than 75 countries, highlighted the key aspects of the event. Enjoy!

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Visual Memories of the Club e-Luxe Summit 2013

The Club e-Luxe International Summit 2013 which was held on 12th June, 2013 at Hotel Le Meurice, Paris was truly a great moment for all the participants. The theme of the summit was "The Web Economy Understanding How Digital Media is Re-Writing the Rules of Luxury & Transforming Value Creation" and featured in-depth presentations, interactive debates, illuminating live demos, digital game, and much more. 

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Can the Real Value of Digital Luxury be Measured?

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Digital Media is undoubtedly re-writing the rules of luxury businesses and ushering in a new luxury world with a different set of norms and practices. It is no longer an illusion that the advent of digital media has transformed human behaviour and consumer habits. The mass adoption of the web, social media, mobile media and interactive platforms has re-defined the very meaning of value creation for luxury companies. People and data have emerged as the currency of the web; and fans and followers have been transformed into brand ambassadors.

But is this accelerated transformation an advantage for luxury? Is the value created by digital media for luxury real or perceived? Are luxury brands rightly poised to fully adopt digital innovation and its best practices? If so, which metrics should luxury companies adopt for the measurement of the impact of digital media on the top line and bottom line across the value chain? How can the digital value of a luxury brand be assessed? What transferable traits and value does the wider digital economy hold for luxury? How can these be channelled through the feasible strategies, tools and systems suitable for luxury? Is there such a thing as the digital luxury economy? 

The recently held Club e-Luxe International Summit which took place on 12th June 2013 at the Hotel Le Meurice in Paris provided answers to these ongoing questions. During this stimulating full-day event, luxury and digital experts brought insightful analysis and in-depth assessment of digital luxury across its full spectrum of web, social, mobile, multi-media, virtual reality and others. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Join us Live on Twitter on 12th June!

Dear readers, the Club e-Luxe International Summit will be covered live on Twitter. To join our virtual audience, simply log on to Twitter on 12th June at 8:30am (GMT+1) follow the hashtag #eluxe. Looking forward to spending a day of digital inspirations with you!