Tuesday, July 26, 2011

12.01.2012 - Club e-Luxe Breakfast Seminar

The next Club e-Luxe event, (the annual Breakfast Seminar) has been announced by Luxe Corp and the golden date is 12.01.2012!

Following Club e-Luxe's tradition of the last five years, the Breakfast Seminar will gather some of the sharpest and innovative minds in the luxury industry to provide them access to the latest developments in digital luxury. This edition has a particularly exciting dimension as it will introduce the strategies, applications, tools, systems and approaches that have currently qualified "Multi-Media" to preface "Luxury" as a business term. Its annexes such as tablet technologies, social media, digital media, customization technologies and counterfeiting in the digital context will all be dissected through Presentations, DEMOs, Debates, Q&A sessions and networking. 

Save the date and stay tuned for more information! In the meantime, you may read the Synopsis of the last Club e-Luxe event, the annual International Summit held last May 31st at the Ritz Hotel Paris.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Luxury Clients Change the Digital Luxury Game at the Club e-Luxe Summit

“The Luxury Cyber-Resident”. This was the theme chosen by Luxe Corp for the 5th edition of its now renowned Club e-Luxe International Summit, held on Tuesday 31st May at the Ritz Hotel, Paris.  

In its now familiar tradition of marrying luxury with the latest offerings from digital media, new technologies and innovation, Club e-Luxe once again gathered some of the brightest digital innovators, conceptors, inventors, developers and thinkers of our times to provide luxury brands with an entrée into the “now and here” of digital media and innovation today.
Through a full-day packed with presentations, debates, conversations, DEMOs and workshops, peppered by “Spotlights” like raffle draws; and “Highlights” like gifts galore, not to forget the three-course lunch and cocktail party, the Club e-Luxe summit raised the bar for digital luxury excellence once again.  

Though connected by a central theme, the topics and their impact were far-ranging, from Optical Illusions and Virtual Reality DEMOs to, 3-D Movie Making techniques, Olfactive Technology presentations, Virtual World simulations, Social Media metrics, Consumer Psychoanalysis in key markets (Europe, North America, China, Brazil and Latin America), Liquid Fabric technology, E-commerce applets, Branded Content techniques and so much more! It was one of those days that could qualify as “full immersive days”.
Luxe Corp began by giving an overview of the ‘real’ cyber-resident and their current post economic and social crisis psyche, as well as how digital media has permeated every fabric if their lives and is re-shaping their expectations from luxury brands, both online and offline. Then Electronic Shadow, blew the audience away by showing how technology could transform physical spaces into immersive environments through optical illusions, virtual reality and the fusion of conception and perception. The audience understood how digital technology could turn a physical setting in Paris into anything from New York’s Fifth Avenue to Brazil’s Amazon forest in a matter of a few clicks and a few seconds. Above all the associated sensory experience could be completely “distance-protocolled” from the web. Talk of magic! This is not for the faint hearted.

Electronic Shadow also showed another dimension of virtual reality, which enables people or brands define their personalities and then transform into a shape to be admired on the screen or to be printed on paper or as a crystal object from a 3D printer. Yes, it means that you will be able to hold the inner you in your hands or place it in your home as an “object d’art” or even wear it as a pendant around your next. Who says technology is not fun?
Following Electronic Shadow was Magic Lab, the experts of 3D movies and animations. They showed the magic of movie making in the context of 3D and computer graphics generation and rendering. Through video clips and narratives of the “ground work” in movie-making, from concept development to storyboards creation, dialogue, animatic, shooting, animatic, modelling, texturing, shading, lighting, rendering, composing, music and sound effects, the audience was able to get an insider eye in the magic of movies.