Saturday, October 22, 2011

Luxury Online on Author's Muse

A few weeks ago, I received one of those rare phone calls that have nothing to do with a deadline, emergency, client problem or a similar pressing issue that currently punctuates my life as a Luxury Consultant. It was a pleasant call from the Founder of Author’s Muse, who had read my book Luxury Online and found it interesting enough to want to feature it on her inspiring website. I was pleasantly surprised because in my digitally-accented life, I have somehow unconsciously concluded that people don’t read books anymore – at least on paper-, except they’re preparing for an exam or on a long flight or stuck in an airport or the like. I was thrilled to find out that she has not only read my book but actually all of its 352 pages! (I have much respect for people that read books this long)

During our chat, I became increasingly impressed by her passion for books and undeniable interest in vast subject areas. It not only fired my desire for knowledge and but also much respect for her boldness in stepping into the unpopular territory of “books” in an age where people prefer to stay informed through short text messages and coded language sent via digital media.

Click here to read the interview on Author’s Muse and while you’re on the website, check out the stimulating interviews of several other Authors. You never know from where your next inspiration will emerge... Ciao.

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