Saturday, March 5, 2011

Here Comes HP's Wireless Pack!

As every tech and digital buff already knows, HP recently announced the launch of its tablet PC, aptly named the Touchpad and two smart phones, the Pre 3 deviced for work and life and its baby sister, the Veer, created for interactivity and experience.

In addition to the integration of the much talked about webOS intuitive system that powers all the three devices, they all have excellent navigation and multi-tasking features. For example the Pre 3 and Veer phones enable the viewing of multiple web and doc pages that can be alternated via simple light swipes of the finger. It's intuitive "Just Type" system is capable of pulling up a selection from the phone's contents including apps, messages, address book etc just by typing a word randomly. Above all, the data sync function is excellent. Content can be shared, transferred and experienced from one device to another by simply tapping them together. In other words you can begin watching a video on the phone and continue watching it on the Touchpad without interruption, by tapping them together. Does this call to mind a certain movie called Minority Report? It looks like future is here.

HP's Fashion Laptop Clutch designed by Vivienne Tam

The look and feel doesn't disappoint either. The pure and fine form of all three devices calls to mind objects that could perfectly fit in a contemporary art gallery. This is hardly surprising if we recall HP's delectable fashion laptop clutch series created in collaboration with Vivienne Tam, that marked the entrance of tech products on fashion runways. This is what excites me about technology - its multiple possibilities for exceptional experiences.

So while anticipating the launch of  the Touchpad, the Pre 3 and the Veer this spring, I can't help thinking that the James Bond girl experience isn't that far off. The HP trio will be previewed and experienced at the 5th Club e-Luxe International Summit to take place on 31st May 2011 at the Ritz Hotel Paris. More info will follow shortly.

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