Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Club e-Luxe Takes Bold Strides in 2014!

Club e-Luxe International Summit, 5th June 2013, Hotel Le Meurice, Paris France
Dear Fellow Digital Enthusiasts, 
Happy New Year! Together with the Luxe Corp team, I’m wishing you a Digitalistic Year! 

Club e-Luxe is back and this time with some very interesting news! As you’re all aware our digital-focused club for luxury executives has been making strides in the luxury sector since our first event was held at the RitzHotel Paris in June 2007. Since then, we have endeavoured to bring the latest and best digital innovations to our esteemed clients and members, and digital enthusiasts through providing access to the strategies, tools, platforms, systems and knowledge base required to conquer this fast-evolving domain. 

These past years of passionately following the exciting strides of the digital luxury evolution have brought us face-to-face with the challenges that luxury companies confront daily as they navigate the unfamiliar digital terrain. We have seen luxury brands both established and emerging; local and international; major and minor, all struggle with the same issues across the multiple facets of digital media and innovation. We have stepped in as required and have contributed our digital business solutions to the aligning (and in some cases re-aligning) of the digital practices of several of these renowned luxury companies who also form the core body of Club e-Luxe. Several others in the industry took notice and have increasingly asked us to accompany them on their journey of digital actualization. We are honoured to do so and we are particularly pleased to have played a role in the digital adoption of these renowned companies. 

As a consequence, we have reached a juncture in the life of Club e-Luxe where we have to prioritize responding to our clients’ and members’ digital needs in a more customized manner through working in-house on an ongoing basis to foster the digital growth of their entire teams. This means also aligning our resources to ensure enhanced benefits for the Club e-Luxe members. 

In line with the numerous requests by the luxury brands that are part of Club e-Luxe, we have taken the decision to forgo the Club e-Luxe Breakfast Seminar of 2014, initially planned for 9th January, as we concentrate on providing in-house digital seminars to our members in the coming months. This was no easy decision but we believe that holds the most value for all participants. 

Club e-Luxe remains intact and unchanged in its form, objectives and value and our future digital events will continue to be held on an annual basis. We are grateful to all the luxury companies, technology companies, innovators, developers, inventors, conceptors and digital enthusiasts that have supported us over the years.
We will be delighted to welcome you back to Club e-Luxe at the International Summit to be held on 5th June 2014 at the Hotel LeMeurice, Paris, France

Stay tuned to Club e-Luxe for more information on the event.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Club e-Luxe Converges the Luxury Virtual + Physical Worlds

The line between the virtual world and the physical world is disappearing every second. Today’s luxury clients are likely to begin their journey with a brand online and end it offline and vice versa. Their habits have evolved from simply “window-shopping” or “browsing” to tagging, snapping, pinging, sharing, rating and recommending. Their smart phones have become their second skin and their digital pulse beats louder and faster than their heart rates. This is the new world of real + virtual immersion and it is the world in which the current luxury consumer exists.

This new order of affairs has created a new status quo for luxury brands and is ushering in a renewed digital existence where the integration of the online and offline channels has become mandatory. The luxury sector must not only refine its business models to ensure cross-channel optimization but must also co-exist with an increasingly savvy clientele who have become impatient for extraordinary digital-inspired experiences both in the virtual and physical worlds. The way forward seems to be daunted with more questions than answers.

The Club e-Luxe International Summit aims to strategically dissect these challenges and reveal solutions and answers through unparalleled insight, deep analysis, knowledge and direction to luxury companies seeking to outpace their contemporaries through digital innovation. 
During this stimulating full-day event, Presentations, Live DEMOs, Debates, Roundtables and Luxury Leader Conversations will be made by some of the finest digital luxury experts, analysts, inventors, developers, designers and executors, led by Luxe Corp’s team of Business Experts.

Join us in Paris on Thursday 5th June 2014 at Hotel Le Meurice to remain at the forefront of the digital evolution in luxury.

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