Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cisco Fever!

Have you ever passed by a beautifully displayed window of a fashion boutique and was tempted to walk in and try on as many of the outfits as possible, only that you knew this would take precious hours that you couldn't afford? But this probably didn't stop you from wishing that some magic wand could give you supernatural powers to make clothes appear on your body with the blink of an eye. If only dreams could come true... Well, now it looks like they can, with Cisco's borderless innovation tool. 

Described as the 'future of shopping' (I call it the present of shopping), Cisco's borderless technology allows shoppers and sales staff have fun while shopping in an environment that can only be described as 'virtual reality', combining the physical, virtual and mobile worlds. The video says it better than I can ever do.  

Earlier this month, Luxe Corp had the priviledge of welcoming Cisco Systems to the Club e-Luxe Breakfast Seminar to give a first-hand demonstration of how luxury can benefit from this eye-opening seamless technology, while enhancing the luxury experience. In the words of Vice President Marie Hattar, "seamless shouldn't be a luxury". Fingers crossed...

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