Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chanel Charms with Digital Brand Content

According to recent echoes in the luxury sphere, video is the new print in luxury communications. If this is the case, then digital media should be the new glossy magazine, right? It looks like this general consensus that print is dying and multi-media is rising is leading to the emergence of creative and "balanced" digital branded content from luxury brands such as the one from Chanel in the clip above.

Since videos have joined the league of the most viral web contents (it is estimated that an impressive 182 million people create video content regularly for the web anually) and media channels like Youtube and Vimeo have become search engines in themselves (Youtube is currently the #2 search engine on the web), it only makes sense for luxury to channel its creative forces towards this medium.

But what makes a good branded film, animation or movie?
How does luxury measure the doses of concept, story line, direction, entertainment, sound, movement, lighting, styling and other imperatives required to produce a piece that will move the emotions (and also the fingers to "share this"). How can luxury brands ensure that their cherished "brand DNA" stays intact while providing an enjoyable experience spiced with "entertainment", which is what movies are about in the first place? This has been a challenge with no pre-defined answer. Every brand must find its own voice in the right manner online.

And several brands have been making efforts to generate digital branded content online. From Cartier to Prada to Ralph Lauren, Hermès, VuittonPringle of Scotland, Dior and a host of others, it's been a mix of "wow" and "why"? But the one branded video that has moved me inside out is Chanel's recent Here Comes the Beauty Pack, conceived by Peter Philips.

This video is a winner in conception, captivation and execution and a much needed reference in luxury branded content. It looks like things are getting more interesting...

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