Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Still Counting: Hmmm... Smells like my phone

It looks like the future of mobile technology is already here. Nokia has come up with a mobile communications device called the Scentsory, which promises to allow us to communicate on a multi-sensory level through all of the human senses including the sense of smell! Intrigued? What until you hear this. Scentsory is able to detect and emit smells and best of all, it can influence the mood of the user through affecting the ambience of their immediate surroundings by radiating colours, lighting and temperatures from the caller's environment. Plus it comes in a cool design form that is both portable and foldable. Looks like Nokia is out to give Apple a run for their money.

Possibilities for virtual scent in luuxry will be dissected at the next Club e-Luxe International Summit to be held on 3rd June at the Ritz Hotel, Paris. Find out more here.

And the countdown to Luxury Online's worldwide release continues...

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