Sunday, February 14, 2010

Counting, counting, counting... and still on Alexander

As Suzy Menkes wrote in her tribute article to our beloved Alexander McQueen, he was one of the first to embrace technology and digital media with vigor and this showed in several facets of his work, including his runway shows which were often journeys into imaginary technolands. In 2006 when most luxury brands were still struggling with the question, "what next?" following the launch of their websites and e-boutiques, Alexander McQueen was already several steps ahead and thinking in terms of virtual reality through 3-D visual imaging techniques. His projection of a holographic image of Kate Moss during his autumn-winter 2006 fashion show was a demonstration of raw vision and was described by Vogue as techno-magic. Alexander McQueen in many ways paved the way for technology in luxury even as luxury brands are just beginning to grasp the meaning and opportunities of Virtual Reality.

Speaking of virtual reality, hologram imaging for luxury will also be presented at the next Club e-Luxe International Summit to be held on 3rd June in Paris. Take a peek into the topic areas by clicking here.

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