Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Luxury Online makes its media debut on WWD!


Luxury Online made its media debut on WWD's Nov 11th issue through Tina Isaac's candid and entertaining critique that also shows a belief in what the book preaches! Thank God the months of writing and three re-drafts have paid off.

There is no better time to feature the book in the press than now even as both the worlds of fashion and luxury show signs of recognizing the power of the social web and the next wave of evolution of the internet. I've read recent articles and reports on the importance of digital media in the world of luxury and I particularly found this one in the Telegraph interesting.

Also one of the "hot" fashion bloggers of the moment Bryan Boy picked up on the story and featured it on his blog. I'm pleased he's looking forward to reading the book. Thanks Bryan and keep the online fashion torch shinning as you relax on the front row!

So the countdown to the book's publication has began! Keep an eye on this page for updates which I promise will come sooner than later.

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