Thursday, November 19, 2009

Luxury Online in the IHT!

Yesterday, the International Herald Tribune published an excerpt of Luxury Online in its Special Report on the just concluded Technoluxury conference in Berlin, titles "Style online, and its all about me". The excerpt, found on page 12 of the newsprint, is the first four pages of the book's Chapter One! The business of luxury and technology, a subject that was deeply discussed, dissected and debated at the conference, is the core and form of Luxury Online particularly the the excerpt.

I was so pleased to see the article that I joined the crowd that convereged around the coffee room of the Ritz Carlton to read it during one of the breaks, forgetting for a moment that I actually wrote it. I later learnt from some people that the article wetted their appetite for reading the book as the story line ended just as they were about to take it for granted that all the answers to luxury brand's nightmares would be revealed in the IHT article.

Hope you managed to get a hold of the IHT yesterday as the article is not yet online (copyright and pre-publication issues..... sorry!), but email me...

More news and analysis on the Technoluxury conference hosted by Suzy Menkes will be coming shortly. In the meantime enjoy these eye-opening articles by the IHT's journalist elite led by Suzy, of course.

My Techno: A Designer Viewpoint by Suzy Menkes
Nick Knight : Techno King by Suzy Menkes
Watchmakers Seize the Moment for iPhone by Jessica Michault
The Highest Heels Rely on Technology to Reach the Sky by Elizabeth Hayt
From Couture to Conversation by Jessica Michault
Once Wary of the Web, Luxury Brands Embrace it by Eric Pfanner
Luxury Brands tap on Internet for Growth

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