Thursday, November 4, 2010

Boucheron Brings Augmented Reality to Luxury

Luxury made yet another bold stride into the world of digital media with the introduction of the augmented reality application by French luxury jewellery brand Boucheron aptly named "My Boucheron".

Created to provide an enhanced experience and to enable web users "make their dreams real", the website's core is an application that powers the transformation of physical objects taken from the real world, into virtual objects viewed in the digital world. Upon logging on to the website, users are asked to activate their web cams and then they are led to print out patterns of jewellery and watches from Boucheron's collection, cut them into paper versions and wear them. Upon displaying the object, say a ring, in front of the web cam, it is transformed into a piece of real jewellery without leaving the finger and becomes interactive, moving, turning and even shinning.

Presented in a simple yet appealing format, the website shows a great way to "try on" beautiful pieces as many times as possible, fuelling the desire to purchase while making dreams come true, even if only for a while...

As one of the first luxury brands to understand that the future of digital media lies in Virtual Reality through integrating the "real" with the "virtual", Boucheron has set off an informal whistle and our eyes are open for the first brand to respond in the inevitable race that will ensue...

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