Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dear Alexander...

Dear Alexander,

Today, I learnt of your demise with shock, like thousands of people around the world. With a head full of questions and eyes on the brim of releasing a torrent of tears, I try to understand why.

Like many people connected with the worlds of fashion and luxury, I knew you, not only through your work which was a constant trailblazing movement in originality  but also as a person, a warm and sincere human being dedicated to his craft, beliefs and to serving those around him. For the respect I have for you, I am interrupting the countdown for the release of my forthcoming book, Luxury Online simply to say "Thank You" for the gift of creativity that you brought to fashion and for sharing your talent with the world.

When I wrote about your fashion show last October, it was out of admiration and respect for your consistent innovation and originality,which I didn't hesitate to share with the world.

So inspite of what others may say or write, I just want to say Thank you.

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